Beth utilizes the SOFTAP method of manually implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.
This method is safe and produces natural looking permanent makeup.
The colors are subtle, and can be worn alone or with the addition of traditional makeup to obtain the desired look for any occasion.
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Located inside the
Phelan Building

3517 Marconi Avenue
Suite 107 A
Sacramento, Ca

(916) 281-6505
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*At Infinite Beauty we proudly and exclusively use Softap, DermaQuest, and Dermalogica products*

What to look for in a permanent makeup technician:

1) No LESS than 5 years of working experience
2) Portfolio of their OWN work
3) Proof of annual BBP training
4) Member of SPCP
5) Ongoing education
6) Work space is NOT in a residence/hotel
7) Can answer your questions satisfactorily
8) Doesn't over promise OR bad mouth others
9) Has testimonials from their own clients
10) Is not offering work for extremely cheap